Sebastiano Gaggiano

Sebastiano Gaggiano

Biography (kind of)


I’m Sebastiano, living and breathing technology since I was 4.

My passions are digital things, art and paper planes. I like to look around me and understand the way things interact with each other.
I get lost, discovering new stuff and constantly improving myself. Our time is limited so why waste it doing the same things over and over?

I also love sunsets and, of course, lens flares! Frankly my life would be pretty much meaningless without them.

Design helps me to think and look at the world in a different, greater, way.

Well, that’s me. What about you?

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19 Albums, 302 Songs, 18h, 12min for 3.5GB of Wiz Khalifa in my iTunes Library

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Operations Snake Eater completed on Metal Gear Solid 3.
Outstanding game.

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3.2k Photos shot with my Nexus 5
(Not including selfies)
[Which I do not take, by the way]

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3.68B Pixels pushed since I opened a Photoshop window.
Well, roughly.